The Reason You Must Buy Apple Shares Anytime

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is in play this week, just ahead of earnings from the tech giant’s number-one “frenemy” Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) .

Qualcomm and Apple have a love/hate relationship. While two companies are engaged in legal battles, Apple still uses Qualcomm-sourced modems in some of its iPhones, and pays hefty licensing fees for Qualcomm’s patents (though Apple is suspending royalty payments to Qualcomm until their dispute is resolved in court).

Qualcomm’s earnings after the bell today should provide an interesting update on the state of the feud.

While all eyes are on the battle between the two tech giants, there’s a buy signal kicking off in Apple this month.

Think Apple’s massive 30% rally is over in 2017? Think again.

Apple’s positive momentum has been substantial this year. The firm has added approximately $180 billion to its market capitalization since the calendar flipped to January, accounting for a material chunk of the broad market’s overall performance year-to-date.

Apple doesn’t report earnings until August, but Wall Street is feeling confident about the quarter. On average, analysts are expecting a $1.57 profit for Q3, a number that represents a nearly 14% profit boost over last year’s consensus bet for quarterly earnings.